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Cues by Gus Szamboti



Cue No: 1022

Cue Maker: Gus Szamboti
Price: Inquire Shafts:(4) 2 original (2) new by Tascarella
Weight: 19.9 oz Length: 57 1/2"
Joint: 5/16-14 steel with fancy stitch ring assembly Rings: N/A Wrap: Linen, by Barry Szamboti
Forearm: Birdseye maple, ebony points with black, red, green and natural. (Known as the "Christmas color scheme)

Butt: Ebony butt sleeve, 4 maple windows with mitered veneer trim, hi and low maple stitch rings.

Early Gus Szamboti, refinished by Tascarella, the leather wrap shown was by Pete, and Barry changed it for a Penn / Cortland wrap that would have been on the cue originally. (Updated pics are forthcoming)


Cue No: 995

Cue Maker: Gus Szamboti
Price: Inquire Shafts:(2) 13mm, ivory ferrules
Weight: 20 oz Length: 59"
Joint: 5/16-14 ivory piloted, with ebony and ivory ring Rings: Noted Wrap: Black leather
Forearm: Birdseye maple with 8 ebony points, 4 long and 4 short. Long points are tipped with an ebony dot, mid point, an ivory dot, base or point there is an ivory "peacock". 4 short points are tipped with an ivory diamoned bordered in ebony, and an ivory spear in the base of the points. There are 8 ivory dots, at the base of the points.

Butt: Ebony 2 ivory cameo razor windoes with an ivory propellor, 2 sets of 4 ivory diamond in a diamond pattern each with 4 ivory dots. Butt cap is solid ivory.

Notes: This is Gus Szamboti's personal 8 point cue. He used it over his friend Art Harris' house, (probably so he wouldn't sell it) This cue has a letter from Barry Szamboti stating that it was Gus' cue and it is the cue shown in the Birbeck painting of Gus Szamboti.