Pete Tascarella, for over 35 years he has been making great cues out of Massapequa Long Island. He has been a staple in the Northeast and especially out of New York.

He purchased George Balabushka's equipment and never looked back. He developed his own stylings as well as continued with the classic styling of the masters.

Known as one of the leading Balabushka authorities, he writes letters of authenticity for Balabushka's, as well as his own very early cues.

Check the Balabushka reference pages for some of Pete's fantastic cues...






Cue No:
  Pete Tascarella "Tascarella Cue Shop" the one and only "GTB"
NFS - Collection
Cue Maker:
Pete Tascarella
Straight grain maple Gus Szamboti prong, black, red, green and natural veneers. 5 dots, 1 slotted diamond in each prong. White linen ring bordered in nickel silver / black phenolic.
19.5 oz
Acrylic backend with black and red metallic bands. Inlays in a famous Balabushka pattern. Butt cap with GTB.
(2) 13mm
This is an heirloom cue made by the Petes in honor of George Balabushka's 40th Anniversary of his death. The blank is one that was left when Pete purchased George's shop in 1976. The prongs, ring and handle were already assembled. The assembly aged for 40 years. This is a historic cue. Initially the plan was 7 GTB's, with this being the number 1 and the prototype. Now it is the only one.
White with green spec linen
5/16-14 sleeved piloted with stitch rings


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