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Mark Kulungian has been one of the largest collectors of cues in the US since the late 70's, He has owned and operated George's Billiard Supply (1978), named after George Balabushka, and Pool Table Magic, currently. Pool, billiards and the home entertainment industry has been Marks only job for over 35 years. He is also a noted table mechanic who assembles and recovers between 100-200 tables a year. As a player he has competed in many tournaments, both amateur and pro. He continues to play competitively in the North East, and gives lessons and performs trick shot exhibitions.


Mark started collecting cues early on and still has a few for his personal collection. He has his FIRST National / Gandy cue, he has a cue that Richard Black made for him in the late 70's, he has a very special Balabushka, AND he has one of the rarest examples of a Gus Szamboti; that was made for HIM. He has been published in many articles, and has assisted in the Billiard Encyclopedia and the Blue Book of Pool Cue series. He was a technical assistant to the Pool Cue Book. He is a well recognized authority on vintage cues and pool tables.

As a dealer he has sold a number of cues, he has handled and inspected thousands of cues. Mark was partners in Billiards and Healthware with Joel Hercek, before Joel took over Burton Spains cue business. Mark, Joel and the late John Wright, were the first to pioneer mailings to showcase their cues. These three helped establish cue collecting, before the internet, and before there was a Blue Book. If you wanted pretty cue pictures, you had to get on a mailing list. You could make the argument that these three were responsible for helping to make what the hobby what is has been since the late 80's.

From Mark: I have personally handled over 1000 George Balabushka's / Gus Szamboti's. There are very few people as qualified to give their opinions on these two legendary cuemakers, I have been writing letters of athenticity with most of their cues, for over 25 years.

As his collecting needs have been met, he is focusing on transitioning into a more authorative figure, for the preservation of the classic cue. His passion for this has been ignited by some individuals who have voiced their disdain for older cues because they do not feel comfortable in these cues. They realize that Mark has been measuring, note taking, and keeping all this knowledge for his own collecting purposes. Since he has removed himself from any other gains, with the exception of keeping the hobby pure, this is a win win for everyone. Authenticating, assigning value, insurance proof, this is the new direction and added value that will be offered by Classiccues.

Joe Van Buren has been involved in pool since he was a kid hanging with his uncle Paterson George, and Miami Gonzales, in the late 70's and early 80's. He grew up working at a local pool hall, and was heavily influenced by the NJ pool scene of that time.

One Saturday would consist of going to Loree Jon's in Greenbrook, shoot over to Metuchen (4 Seasons) to watch Hopkins, and Mizerak, and shoot over to the Hi-Cue in Elizabeth. When he was 14 he had the pleasure of accompanying his uncle to pick up his cue that just had two shafts made, in Pendel, PA. It was none other than Gus Szamboti's house. On the second trip, a few months later, Gus just finished a new cue for George and Joe remembers George asking Gus to "initial" it, .. Gus hemmed and hawed, said George if I nick it you're still taking it... He then asked if the kid was ready for his own cue, and he had an extra cue that could be bought for around 325.00. Joe declined, citing he had a BMX race and he was still paying for his bike.

After school, and getting a real job, 1987 Joe took up pool again. His uncle was able to get him a JR-3 Meucci and a Fellini Case, and that was the beginning of the end. His uncle was awaiting another Gus, but Gus had passed a few months before delivery. That would have been Joe's wedding present. He ordered his first few customs, and never looked back. In 1994 Joe met Mark, through his uncle at a tournament in CT, and that was that... Joe was available to work the SBE 1996 and it became a tradition. While Mark was preoccupied Joe was his eyes and ears. It was then Joe's other education was in full force. Joe has learned a lot and doesn't have to take a back seat to anyone when discussing vintage cues.

The birth of b. 2000

Joe and Marks timing could not have been more perfect. The internet was just taking shape, and Mark really needed someone he could trust to handle that part of the business. Mark saw immediately the impact made by posting online and cues becoming immediately accessible to anyone. The first few incarnations were done under Joe's AOL alias, 1995-2000 after that, he decided we needed a "name" that was easily recognizable. What better name? It represents who we are, what we do, and what we know. Since 2000, we have tried to represent the best in cues and collectibles.

** Note: For a time someone was dot com squatting on Pool Table Magic, Marks known business.

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