It is here, where we have made our mark in the industry. We have been offering custom cues, both new and used for many years.

The new will be a bit more than just listing the cues. Please pay attention because the menu items have changed…..

This will still be where we have cues for sale. We want to handle things a little bit more professionally and hopefully in a more pleasurable manner. It is our goal to help preserve the hobby of collecting, and influence that hobby in a more positive manner going forward. Thats why we have spent a lot of time going through the archives to show past cues. We have selected some great cues to show.. and we are still building the reference pages.. so you'll have to check back occasionally....

Our specialty is older, vintage cues from the 1940’s through the 80’s. That doesn’t mean that all cues since then are not worthy of collecting. In fact there are a lot of great artisans at work that make phenomenal cues, and after you have collected the cues that you want to own for your own reasons, you may want to look around and build a larger collection based on quality, popularity, colors, you name it. You should collect what you enjoy, and what you like. Some people gear their collections to certain cuemakers, maybe a time period that is important to them, color schemes, subject matter, whatever floats their boat.

Whatever your reason for collecting, it should not be influenced by people that do not have the future of collecting and preserving the hobby at heart. Buy what YOU want. You want a Szamboti, you should buy one. You want a Bushka, you should buy one. You want a McWorter, a Manzino, or a Chudy, you should get one, If you ask us, and we cannot get it, and we know where it is, we’ll steer you to it. We aren’t concerned where you buy it, or from whom, just that you fill that spot in your collection.

We have helped many people build their collections, and unlike others, we do not press people to buy just what we have. If you inquire and we do not have something, but know someone who does, we will give you that information or recommend you to where you can find it.

If you have a question, or you have heard something, we would be more than happy to answer ANYTHING you e-mail us.


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