Level 1: $ 150.00

  • E-Mail photo, and detailed description
  • Paypal payment
  • Will receive PDF of appraisal within 2 business days

Level 2: $ 250.00

  • Must send cue to Pool Table Magic
  • Send a quick note with the ID of cuemaker, and whatever else you may know about the cue
  • Payment send Money Order, or Paypal when cue is ready to ship back to you
  • Detailed appraisal sent via PDF to supplied e-mail address
  • Return shipment is between $ 50.00 and $ 100.00. Must be payed via Paypal before we ship it back.


Balabushkas and Szambotis: $ 350.00

  • Must send cue to Pool Table Magic
  • Payment can be money order or Paypal
  • We will supply a detailed PDF of the cue, and its condition.

Palmers, Paradises, Others.... $ 175.00

Sales information: $ 175.00

All fees do not include return shipment.

Notes and Policies:

  • All shipping charges, insurance, paid by the cue owner.
  • Payment can be addressed before we ship the cue back. We can do the service, calculate the shipping, and send an invoice. But no cue will be returned, unless we receive payment.
  • Authentications on Szamboti's and Balabushka's are done using a 25 point check list. Your cue must meet at least 80% of the criteria for a Certificate to be issued.
  • All papers certificates for appraisals and authentication are numbered and can be verified through us for point of reference.
  • It is not uncommon for specialists to differ in their opinions when it comes to authenticating any object, whether it is art, cues, cars, etc.. we stand by our opinion even if it may not be shared by others.
  • All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • In the case where you send us information about the cue we may include it on our description, and you will be cited as the source.
  • By sending us payment, the cue, any of the above, you understand and have read this.
  • Updated 4/20/20



I have been collecting cues from a plethora of cuemakers for many years. My collection primarily focused on George Balabushka's and Gus Szamboti's. As a dealer and collector I have had the opportunity to catalog, and hold in my hands no less than a total of over 1000 cues combined when discussing these two cuemaking legends. Factor in the number of Frank Paradise, Palmer, Rambows and a multitude of other cuemakers that were lesser in recognition, but from the same time period. This is MY specialty, this is what I have studied and have specialized in as a collector and dealer for over 30 years.

So you want to know what that cue in your closet is worth, or maybe the insurance company needs a letter to insure your cue, then you are in the right place.

With that said, we offer these services. There are differences in the way we will categorize the services.

A level 1 appraisal, from a photograph, will still be a written appraisal, but it will be noted that we did not handle the cue, and your photos must be time stamped with the current date within 7 days of contacting us. Those photographs will be inserted into the appraisal PDF for posterity and reference.

A level two appraisal is an appraisal that will be based on the cue, and it's condition. This will require we actually see it, and you must ship it or bring it to Pool Table Magic in Windsor Locks CT. For this appraisal we will weigh the cue, roll the cue, mic the shafts, give it a very thorough once over. It will be very accurate and will be worded as an actual grading of the cue.

An appraisal doesn't mean we authenticate the cue during the service. YOU must tell us what you believe the cue to be, if we disagree with you, we may refuse to do the service or we will discuss with you, other options. The appraisal does not get you a free authentication.

Authentication will be very straight forward. You have a cue, you do not know what it is, and you want to know. All authentications require that we receive the cue. It will get a similar Level 2 appraisal letter, with our opinion as to who made it. If we do not know who made it, we will still write an appraisal and list the maker as unknown.

If the cuemaker is still active, we always recommend you send the cue to the cuemaker for an appraisal. They are best suited to tell you what they would charge for the cue in todays market.

You inherited a cue, or you bought one at a garage sale, and you want to sell it and you do not know how to go about it. We can offer a measurement / description service that will help you word the ad, and offer the pertinet information fo actually sell your cue. We will check it for straightness, measure the shafts, weigh the cue, and describe the cue as we would our own.

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