Made cues from 1959, till his death in 1975.

George Balabushka made arguablly the best playing custom cue of his era. His cues were used by champions, and were coveted by pool enthusiasts the world over. The list of players that won world championships using Balabushka cues, is very lengthy. Most noteable players from the 60's and 70's all used Balabushka cues.

Hopkins, Crane, Balsis, Mizerak, Murphey, Lassiter, Martin, Margo, Colavita, Balukas even retired champions got in on the action.. Mosconi, Caras and others...

George set the standard combining great playability, with great asthetics. Many of his designs are still emulated today. The "Bushka" ring, is by far the most used, and most modified design in pool cues.

Some people like to say that the Color of Money is the only reason Balabushka's were, and are popular. Well those cues were winning championships well before the movie, and they were extremely sought after before the movie. In fact the cue is in the movie, because of its known and respected pedigree.




Cue No:
  George Balabushka
Price: $ 6,000.00


Cue No:
  George Balabushka
Price: $ 12,500.00
Here is a fantastic example of a George Balabushka cue. The forearm is a Burton Spain, maple with ebony points and black, light blue, dark blue and natural veneers. There is a double ring above the wrap. The wrap is white with green spec, traditional. The butt sleeve is acrylic with a double ring under the wrap. The two shafts are 13mm, made by Pete Tascarella. Pete did a fantastic job rescuing this cue and making it the unbelieavble piece it is. The colors in the prong are extremely rare and they look fantastic. A letter from pete is included.



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