Cue Sales:

Any cue Pool Table Magic offers on the website is for sale. Once you decide on a cue, call or send us an e-mail. We will then hold the cue till payment arrives. Please make payment in a cashiers check, or money order(s). Visa -MasterCard accepted, but you will need to call us during business hours to make this transaction. Paypal transactions cannot be made until after you have received a final total from us via e-mail. If you send an unauthorized PayPal payment, we will refund your payment BUT, you will lose the fee if you neglected the final total which will include shipping and handling. (We reserve the right to accept or decline credit card or paypal transactions on marked down items.)


We will send cues out DHL, FedEx, Airborne, UPS, US Postal or just about anyway requested by the buyer. We offer free priority 3 day shipping within the continental USA. (This does not pertain to cues that are on sale or marked down for any reason.) Rates can be estimated before final sale. Overnight shipping paid by buyer. Below are some guidelines that will make estimating shipping simple.

Shipping to the Pacific rim varies: Fed Ex to Taiwan or Japan will run roughly $170.00 for the same package. US Postal is about half that, but tougher to track. We will not ship any materials NOT allowed out of the US.

If you request a lower value for customs declaration and the package is lost or damaged, that is on YOU. We are not responsible once it is accepted by the shipper. Your decision to lower the value forfeits any insurance over that amount, since that is the case, anything happens in transit is your loss.

Ivory: We do are best to stay within the regulations that are now in place. There are multiple states that have complete ivory lock down bans. If you're in one of those states, you might want to check.

Cue returns: Pool Table Magic offers 2 return policies.

Money back guarantee: If you don't like the cue or feel it wasn't as advertised Pool Table Magic will accept a return on the cue and refund your money minus the initial shipping costs, within 24 hours. This is contingent upon the cue being received in the same condition we sent the cue to you in.

Credit guarantee: If you cannot get used to the cue, over the 24 HR inspection window, it is returnable for future purchasing credit. Condition rules apply.

Note: Older cues: Collectible cues that are 25+ years old are described in the best way possible. Straightness and condition is always a factor and should be considered when purchasing a cue.

Cue buying:

In buying used cues Pool Table Magic needs to evaluate a cue before we can make a purchase. If you have a cue for sale, please e-mail us send a picture if available, before sending us the cue. If we are interested we will contact you and make proper arrangements.

All offers are 24 hours. If we do not here from you we will assume you are not interested and move on.

Cue trading:

In the event you want to make a purchase, and include a cue in trade. Please follow the listed guidelines. Please send a picture, your asking credit price, and a description of the cue. Pool Table Magic will then offer you a trade in value, which will be deducted of the price of the cue you are buying. Please keep in mind it is our discretion to accept or decline a trade. We will be as fair as possible. But keep in mind that although it eliminates the hassle of selling a cue, it is normally more financially beneficial for you to sell the cue outright.

Cue trading - upgrades:

Pool Table Magic will consider trade up's, or cue upgrades, granted you purchased your original cue from us, within the last year. This will be a full purchase price upgrade, minus the following. Shaft reconditioning, rewraps, and refinishes and any work we feel we need to make the cue saleable again. Cues that are sold on consignment are not applicable to this trade in. This is a one for one policy, multiple cue trade ins will be reviewed.

Cue lay-away:

Pool Table Magic is proud to announce a cue lay-away / financing program. We are aware that sometimes a cue surfaces that a buyer may not immediately have the funding for. Marked down items may not be eligible for layaway's. Below is the outline of how the lay-away plan will work.

If a buyer chooses the lay-away plan the cue is NOT subject to negotiations and the buyer must pay list price.

Initial payment is half down. The remaining 50% must be paid in 90 days (12 weeks). You will have the option of sending us payments on a weekly or monthly schedule. When the cue is paid in full, + shipping, we will then send you the cue.

Cancellation: In the event that you want to cancel the layaway, you will have 2 options, after you notify us of the cancellation. The first being total credit of monies paid to a new purchase. The second option is a full refund, minus a 15% restocking fee, of the price of the cue.

Default: If Pool Table Magic does not receive a payment within (15) days of the payment due date (monthly plan) or (3) days of the payment due date (weekly plan), it will be considered default. Then you will have the same options you have on lay-away. The exception is the cue you initially put on lay-away is no longer available to you.

Cue consignment:

Pool Table Magic will sell your cue for you. We will charge a $25.00 listing fee, and then 15% of the sale price. You will send the $25.00 listing fee, the form (available through download) with the cue, to us. This is a 90 day contract, we are exclusive brokers of your cue. If you want the cue back prior to the end of the 90 days, you must send us 5% of the asking price and the shipping fees.

You must e-mail us FIRST. Do not just send a cue. E-mail us as much information as possible, including what you want for the cue, condition, etc. We will e-mail you back, and set up the particulars. We reserve the right to decline a listing based on ANY criteria, condition, type of cue, your asking price. When you drop off a cue for a consignee deal, you are agreeing to the above conditions, with or without the paper being signed.

These are general guidelines and policies. Pool Table Magic reserves the right to make any adjustments, to these policies as required.


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