Enjoy this gathering of many examples of Georges work. George made the simple elegant.

You can see that George made Hoppe rings, clear windows and many styles of that era. Many of Georges patterns are still copied today.

We tried to arrange them from oldest through newest. But as we learned, George made titlists during the span that he used Spains and Szamboti blanks, as well as Spains during the Szamboti years.

There are the clear window butt ends, similar to Palmer and Paradise. George clearly used many styles of decoration under the acrylic. Rambow (Hoppe) ring cues, mystery materials such as the wedding band ring, and the gold/red/green shimmer material.

Mother of pearl

George used mother of pearl in some of the most elegent arrangements. Many different prog inlay patterns using diamonds, and dots. His zig zag pattern in the butt sleeve is iconic and often copied.

He also liked to use name plates, and incorporate them into his butt designs. Large pearl rectanles, some race track shaped were often used.

But no matter the design, it was always clean and well thought out.

As a side note, looking at Georges cues of the Spain era, you see just how good Spain was at color choices,




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