Bio: Made cues from 1969 to 1988

Gus Szamboti and George Balabushka, are 1 and 1A in the world of custom cues.

Like George, Gus redefined cue design and the materials used in making cues. From his earliest titlist conversions, all the way to his legendary 8 point, and 6 point cues, Gus took cuemaking to new heights during his heyday. When George passed away, on the East Coast, Gus became the go to guy, and the most desired cue to own. His waiting list escalated every year and it became the norm for Gus to stop taking orders.

Gus helped usher in the use of ivory inlays and ivory joints. His leather wraps were perfect in every way, his finish was always perfect.

There isn't a lot that we can add about Gus that hasn't already been printed, or scanned, or discussed at length.

Gus was a master at his craft, he made perfect spliced blanks. So much so, many cuemakers used those blanks for their own cues. Palmer, Balabushka, Richard Black, Tascarella, Dale Patton and others purchased the blanks from Gus.



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