Production cues by Joss, Predator, Meucci, McDermott, Schon etc...




Cue No:
  Jimmy Caras Line Cue and Case.... Brunswick.... by Joss.... #4
Price: $ 1,200.00 OBO

19.7 oz, 58"
(2)shafts, 13 mm
Joint: 5/16 steel with black collars
Joss made this special edition Jimmy Caras cue series for Brunswick and this is number 4 of this particular model. This one comes with the original case, Its George (Brunswick) that Jimmy received the cue in. This is about as complete as it gets. Came directly from Jimmy Caras.


Cue No:
  Bruswick Willie Hoppe Anniversary Joss
Price: $ 900.00 OBO

(1)shaft, 13mm
Joint: 5/16 etched steel joint, black collar
150th Anniversary presentation cue made by Joss, for Brunswick. This is number 66. Comes with case and original joint caps.



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